The Memory Project


Rohingya - Rakhine Myanmar - 2019


A Touching Reminder

Fall 2018

Students in Donegal High School’s Drawing/Painting II and AP Studio Art courses are once again participating in the Memory Project, a nationwide initiative in which art students create portraits for children and teens around the world who are living in orphanages or similar homes. Given that youth in such situations usually have few personal keepsakes, the purpose of the portraits is to provide them with meaningful mementos of their youth. The project also allows art students to practice kindness and service to others while enhancing their portraiture skills.


This year Donegal students received their photographs of the Rohingya from Rakhine Myanmar. This project will give our students the opportunity to learn about their culture and develop a deeper understanding of the ethnic cleansing that is occurring among these stateless people. Students worked on these special portraits through January, when they were delivered to the children. Progress photos can be viewed on the DHS Instagram page @donegalhs_art.


Below is the delivery video of our portraits being delivered to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Portrait Delivery Video


Making an impact one portrait at a time.


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